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Building a Music Community
November 25, 2015 03:44 PM PST

In this episode of Music Biz Podcast, we talk with Scott LeGere and Jay Coyle, who are music business educators and entrepreneurs. Scott is the head of the music business department at McNally Smith College of Music. He has a long history of founding companies, teaching classes, playing music, and recording bands. Jay is the founder of Music Geek Services, a music marketing and digital strategy agency for artists. He also teaches music business classes at Berklee Online. The three of us attended the Future of Music Policy Summit in Washington, DC a few weeks ago. I sat down with Scott and Jay for dinner, we had a couple of drinks, and we recorded a podcast.

Steve Rennie Offers Music Biz Class
November 16, 2015 01:05 PM PST

Steve Rennie has spent the last 30+ years in the music business wearing a number of hats: manager of Incubus, concert promoter, record executive, host of Renman Live, and now the founder of Renman U. Renman U offers an online course all about the music business, where Rennie's straight to the point delivery provides an honest look at what it takes to survive and thrive in today's music industry.

In this episode, Alex May (@AlexmDrums) talks with Steve Rennie about his new online course, and how he's hoping to share his knowledge and experience with future music professionals.

Concert Discovery
October 10, 2015 02:07 PM PDT

In this episode of Music Biz Podcast, we talk with Phil Hutcheon, who is the founder and CEO of DICE, a live music discovery platform that allows fans to find shows and buy tickets without any booking fees. We talk to Hutcheon about the current state of the live music sector.

Merchbar Takes Band Merch Mobile
October 04, 2015 06:53 PM PDT

In this episode of Music Biz Podcast, we talk to with Ed Aten, who is the CEO and co-founder of Merchbar, a website and mobile app that allows people to purchase artist merch. We talk to Aten about his company and what he has learned running it.

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Soundwave Helps Music Apps Solve Cold Start Problem
September 27, 2015 08:51 PM PDT

In this episode of Music Biz Podcast, we talk with Craig Watson, who is the co-founder of Soundwave, a popular music discovery app. They also make an SDK, called Shine, that helps developers learn about the mobile music habits of their user base and provide them with better recommendations when they first install a new music app. We talk to Watson about how Soundwave’s product and focus changed as they learned more about the mobile music sector.

Flipagram's Meteoric Rise
September 20, 2015 07:21 PM PDT

In this episode of Music Biz Podcast, we talk to Farhad Mohit, who is the founder and CEO of Flipagram, an app that allows users to create musical slideshows with photos and videos. We talk to Mohit about Flipagram’s meteoric rise and his views on the future of music.

LANDR: An Online Alternative to Mastering
September 09, 2015 07:40 AM PDT

LANDR's automated online mastering service helps music creators get professional sounding masters. By uploading a track to LANDR, artists get quick results, and are able to choose from a few different styles of processing. In this episode, Alex May talks to Co-founder and Chief Creative Officer Justin Evans about how this process works, and what it means for artists.

The Millennial Generation
August 17, 2015 11:33 PM PDT

In this episode of the Music Business Podcast, we talk with MaryLeigh Bliss, who is a Trends Editor and Strategic Consultant at Ypulse, a youth market research firm. We talk to Bliss about the millennial generation. Who are they? How do they listen to, discover, and interact with music?

Is Video the Future of Music Streaming?
August 10, 2015 10:29 PM PDT

In this episode of Music Business Podcast, we are talking with Bryce Clemmer, who is the co-founder and CEO of Vadio, a Portland-based company that provides an online video platform to media companies. We talk to Clemmer about the state of mobile video and how it’s changing.

The Need For Transparency In Music
August 02, 2015 02:08 PM PDT

In this episode of the Music Business Podcast, we talk with Casey Rae, who is the CEO of
 the Future of Music Coalition, a non-profit research, education, and advocacy organization for musicians. We talk to Rae about the need for transparency in the music business.

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